Business and Corporate Law

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Business Contracts and Analysis, Including: Trade Secrets, Indemnity Provisions, Employee Handbooks, and Intellectual Property Clauses



Contracts, particularly contracts involving distributor arrangements or joint ventures, tend to be long, complicated, and full of “boilerplate.”  Asking an attorney who does not specialize in litigation or liability analysis to review warranty or indemnity provisions is a recipe for disaster.

  • What if you agree to indemnify wrongful or negligent conduct by a third party?
  • What if you accidentally void your own insurance by mishandling subrogation, venue, jurisdiction, or choice-of-counsel provisions?
  • How can you ensure that a non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality provision is appropriately drafted to take advantage of recent changes in California law?  
  • Are you ensuring that employees cannot take inventions, client/customer lists, and propriety information with them? 

We charge reasonable rates and have decades of litigation and contractual analysis experience.  Be careful you aren’t signing away your rights unnecessarily.

We can also assist you with:

  • Corporate/Partnership Formation and Management (including Limited Liability Entities)
  • Corporate Governance and Regulatory Matters

We can help. Call or email us for a free consultation.

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